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Counselling Services in Melbourne

Esther is well-known in providing healthy relationship counselling to families and individuals. She understands how life stressors affects individuals, couples and the struggles faced in managing personal and professional relationships. The expertise Esther provides as a social worker and psychotherapist gives you the opportunity to rediscover life’s worth and find new ways and means to live a happy life again.

Through her experience as a family counsellor and grief counsellor, she creates a customized approach to your counselling needs to help you overcome various obstacles you may have been facing on a personal level.

Esther is also a marriage counsellor and offers marriage counselling services at two locations in Melbourne.  Esther knows how different behavioral, social, emotional and attachment issues can lead to problems in life.  Through her emotive support, she targets mental wellness for every member of the family.  She provides anxiety counselling services, through customised plans and framework to help those with anxiety and social issues, helping you learn how to manage these issues to help you feel better from within.

Through the relationship counselling services, private sessions are offered to members of the family in a group and individual session environment, to help get to the very bottom of the issues facing the relationship.

Esther understands that those with disabilities have needs requiring specialised care, as a National Disability Insurance Scheme provider, Esther has the experience and the expertise to provide the right support and intervention.

A special service is also available for women that are or have been pregnant in the previous 12 months.  This service can help those feeling anxious, worried, experiencing post-natal depression and other psychological needs.

Esther is an expert, passionate in providing services that aim to make families flourish with healthy minds and soul.


Why Counselling


You should seek counselling if you feel a sense of helplessness, overwhelmed, anxious, and becoming moody and agitated, big change in your life, feeling loss of your control, conflict in relationships around you, sleep difficulty, feelings of isolation, self-harm. To say the least. Tackling ones inner struggles and allowing those inner feelings to be expressed in a healthy way.

Services Offered


Relationships (Couple, individual or family). Pregnancy. Mental health issues.  Grief and loss. Substance abuse and addiction.

  • NDIS Provider
  • Medicare Provider (For pregnancy and parenting support only)
  • Medibank Provider


Each session goes for 1 hour (60 minutes). Bookings can be ongoing. Parking available on site.

Esther is a Medibank and NDIS provider with no ‘Out of Pocket’ fees for some clients. Women needing support during their pregnancy or have been pregnant in the last 12 months are eligible for Medicare rebate for up to 3 sessions . She will discuss your fees and how to make payments before or on your first visit. Payment is made after each counselling session on the day of the appointment.